Free NHL Picks

TeamNHL is the perfect place to come get your NHL picks for each game of the week. Whether you’re an avid bettor, or just want to have a second opinion from an expert who will give you the rundown of the latest games and what to expect when you’re ready to put some money down on the game. The best way to prepare is to get all the information you’ll need and of course the top picks for the current game or games you want to focus on. One of the best things you can do is simply educate yourself about as much information you can about the common NHL statistics, players, teams, off ice rumours and the standings for both the regular season and playoffs. And learn how the sport works and how the teams are evolving and progressing over the season. Look for teams that are playing with consistency and check out what the top sportsbooks are listing the odds for each game. That will be a good barometer for what people are betting on. If you are new to hockey betting and usually bet on Football, Baseball, Basketball or even props bets. Do your research on each team that will be playing that night. See who will be in the lineup as far as players and which ones are healthy. If key players are out, take that into consideration.

Hockey is a fast paced sport compared to other sports, so things can change quickly in a game. Keep your eyes on key teams who play well at home. Certain teams will be stronger at home and strengths can be accentuated in a sport like ice hockey, as teams travel long distances to play and the fans are notorious for having an impact when it comes to creating atmosphere. This makes Hockey game betting really interesting. Among bettors, hockey odds are in hot demand and finding the earliest lines and fastest line moves is crucial each day.

Many believe NHL odds can be more favorable for bettors because there is less action compared to other sports and therefore less need for the oddsmaker to ensure his lines are razor sharp. Handicap betting is offered when one ice hockey team is heavily favoured against another. To even things out, the bookmaker will offer a handicap on the number of goals in the winning margin. For example, if one team has a handicap of -1, a bet on them will only be successful if they win by more than one goal. Betting on the opposing team at +1 will win you the bet if that team wins or if the match ends in a draw.

So, if you do your research on current events, trends and stats in the NHL and how teams are playing, you will be able to analyse and make your best judgments. Most of all, keep reading and stay up to date by coming back to TeamNHL and getting the information you need. TeamNHL will have all the latest Free Picks information as the regular season progresses and teams get closer to the playoffs. Free Picks will give you the information you need as you place your bets on the great game of hockey.