Recommended NHL Betting Sites

When it comes to betting on the NHL it’s good to know your options and the many different gaming brands that offer all the varieties of betting options you’re looking for in a hockey betting site. The NHL is not as big a betting attraction in the US like NFL Football, MLB Baseball, or even NBA Basketball, but there are lots of US NHL hockey teams that are popular in the country and have been part of the professional sports scene for a long time. In the Northeastern US hockey is much bigger compared to the rest of the country and draws the biggest audiences. All you need to do is watch a game and you will see all the sold out hockey arenas in the major cities. The European markets also follow the NHL as well and love to bet on the games, especially when it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs. The games are exciting and lots of bettors enjoy betting on their favorite teams or if they follow the league, they will have the knowledge to place informed and calculated bets. The best start is to select a credible and reputable sportsbook that will accept US players who would like to place a bet on a game. First check to see how long they have been around or even if they have a gaming licensed and if they are regulated. Most of the sportsbetting sites out there are still located in offshore countries like Costa Rica, Antigua and Curacao. See how long they have been around and check out some online reviews on what other bettors have to say. Before you start it’s best to have some good basic NHL Hockey knowledge so you can make the best decisions and know what to look for. The first thing to consider is the NHL betting options knowing what you can bet on. Basically, when it comes to betting on the NHL, there are three forms of straight bets which you need to know: Pucklines, Totals (over/under) and a moneyline. If you are looking for a bigger payout or better entertainment value than straight bets are a good choice to go with, especially if you feel comfortable on betting, try one of the following wagering options offered at most NHL betting sites: Parlays, Live Betting, Props and Futures. In some cases, they offer prop bets too, like who will score the first goal, or even who will sing the national anthems and more.

Top 2024 NHL Betting Sites

Most of the top sportsbooks out there offer at least some form of betting on NHL Hockey. One of the most popular and reputable is Bovada which is a member brand of the Bodog companies, and they have been around since 1997. Bovada has a great reputation and they are a trustworthy brand. Another thing to check before you select a hockey betting site is the welcome bonus. Most of the top brands offer good welcome bonuses and that will give you more money in your account to start off with. Some of the other betting sites that are worth taking a look at are Bodog,, Pinnacle, Betonline, Mybookie, BetRoyal, Sportsinteraction and many others. The European betting sites also offer betting on Hockey as well, you just have to check and see which locations they cover. For the US friendly NHL Hockey Betting sites you just have to see which one appeals to you, or if you are currently betting on other sports, then take a look to see what kind of bets they take on in Hockey. Bovada is great because they offer mobile live hockey betting as well, so you can bet on hockey right in the middle of the game. Most of the NHL betting sites offer their platform on mobile devices, so you can be at the game and place live bets which can be a lot of fun and being there gives you a great in game perspective and an edge. The Bovada hockey betting platform is easy to understand, provides you with the spread, moneyline and total so you can place your bet and watch the game. Make sure you keep coming back to TeamNHL so you can find out more about NHL Betting sites and where to get the best bonuses so you can load up and score some cash on your next NHL bet.