MyPaylinQ is a popular payment method for many. It is easier than you might think to sign up and get started, and it is secure too. Only a few elements are required to open an account, and once you’re ready to go you can use it to make deposits at a few online sportsbooks. As such, it offers the security you are looking for along with a super-easy signup process that doesn’t make you feel as though you are constantly jumping through hoops… only to find you then need to do something else.

Can MyPaylinQ be trusted?

Yes – it has been confirmed as a reliable payment processor, and it is used by many people who use online casinos, sportsbooks, and similar sites. If you don’t like the idea of using your credit or debit card online, this could provide a good alternative.

MyPaylinQ has been used for online purchases for a while now. However, it is still early days when it comes to being used for online casino payments and sportsbook deposits. So, while you may come to use it often at various online outlets, you may need to wait to see it popping up at all your favorite sportsbook sites.

Online sportsbooks that include MyPaylinQ as a payment method

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many sportsbooks as we’d like to see offering this payment method right now. However, one of the best, Bovada, has added this to its methods, delivering the outstanding service we would always expect to see from them.

Stay tuned as we add further sportsbooks as and when they adopt the MyPaylinQ method as well.

How can you put cash into your MyPaylinQ account?

There are oodles of funding options available when you want to deposit something in your account. That is one of the reasons why so many people like it. You can make a simple bank transfer if you wish, although other methods are also available, such as wire transfers and card options.

Will you pay fees for using MyPaylinQ?

All payment processors apply fees to their services – it’s how they manage to continue providing them. However, don’t worry – MyPaylinQ manages to keep their fees a lot lower than many of their competitors. Check their site to discover the latest fees now, so you know where you stand before you choose MyPaylinQ to deposit at your favorite sportsbook or casino.