Regular Season

There's always lots of hockey every NHL season even before the playoffs start. The regular season in the NHL starts mid October and goes until early April. In total the 1,230 game regular-season schedule is essentially 82 games per team and will conclude on Sunday, April 9 2025. It was during the 2013–2014 season, the NHL regular season schedule was adjusted to account for the new conference alignments. Therefore, each team, through the 2024-2025 season, plays either four or five games against the other teams in its division. That’s a total of 29 games in the Western Conference, 30 games in the Eastern Conference, as well as playing all non-divisional teams in their own conference three times (21 games in the west, 24 games in the east). The only time the regular season makes a pause is for the NHL All-Star Game and its accompanying festivities occurring near the midpoint of the season. At this time there are no regular season games taking place. And every four years, in lieu of an All-Star break, there is a break for the Winter Olympic Games so that players can go play for the country they are from.

The regular season because it’s longer than most other professional sports and that means every second day you can see your favorite NHL team play. What about the point system? How the point system works is that two points are awarded for a win which includes a goal scored in overtime or scored on a shootout; one point for a loss in overtime or shootout, and no points for a loss in regulation time. Come back to Team NHL and we’ll update you on the latest regular season games so you can keep track of when to watch the games and have some fun.