St Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues Hockey Club is a prospective NHL team which operates in professional ice hockey. They entered the National Hockey League in 1967 while still in need to capture a Stanley Cup win. The great team made many playoff appearances over the years, while there are still no championship titles for the team to call their own. During back to back seasons in 1969 and 1970, The St. Louis Blues made only two appearances in the final round of the NHL.

An investment group which is led by former New York Knicks president, Dave Checketts has owned The St. Louis Blues since 2006.

The main competitors of the team are Chicago Blackhawks as well as Nashville Predators.


The fans will be well aware of the unforgettable start of the team as part of the “Class of 1967’s” Great Expansion, During this the NHL doubled from 6 to 12 teams. Here The St. Louis Blues won the West Division playoffs which were in each of their first 3 seasons. The great performance put the team into the Staley Cup Final. However, they were swept in 1968 and 1969 by the Montreal Canadiens and in 1970 by the Boston Bruins. Further on The St. Louis Blues kept proving their worth of the Great Expansion by leading the NHL by their great attendance during the most of the first decade of their existence. The St. Louis Blues have been rather a consistent playoff team. They meanwhile have made the NHL Final Four Conference Final round three times since 1986. The team had the last Stanley Cup Final back in 1970.


The St. Louis Blues is one of the few teams that kept a team logo consistent for over 40 years. The current logo of the team is ranked as top 4th logo in the league. While the logo is relatively simple and complex it still has some great movement and classic style. At the same time the jerseys of The St. Louis Blues can be hardly called as classic as their logo is. There have been different both great and bad jerseys the team has worn during the games over the years. Present Third Jerseys of the team have been worn since 2008. It is strong, simple and creates something new and exciting for the team's brand. This jersey is blue with a yellow accent that was changed to something brighter and more electric, giving almost a neon glow to the trim of the uniform. Home & Aways have been worn since 2007. It is a nice mixture of classic styles with modern innovations which is almost perfect, creating a jersey that is definitely leaning more towards something new and contemporary.

Top Players

The St. Louis Blues marquee sniper is right wing Vladimir Tarasenko who is a 26-year-old Russian player. He is one of the most dynamic players in the league who scored 37 goals in 2014-15, 40 goals in 2015-16, and 39 goals in 2016-17. Tarasenko is a three time NHL All Star and is expected to come up big in the spring. Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo is also one of the strong points of the team, who is a two time NHL All Star and the quarterback of The St. Louis Blues offense. He scored 13 goals and 34 assists last year 2016/2017.


There are many factors that you should take into consideration when deciding on the betting strategy on The St. Louis Blues. Meanwhile the most important can be the history of the team which states that they are the only team in NHL history to reach the Stanley Cup final in their first season of existence. Of course The St. Louis Blues also remain the oldest active NHL team that’s never won the Stanley Cup which you should also consider. The team carries the burden of rather playoff failure however each year they send another strong squad into post-season play so there may be some pleasant surprises for the fans here.