Wager Type Round Robin Betting

The easiest way to explain Round Robin is to show by example so that you get the best analysis of how they work. So, if you want to bet on NHL Hockey, whether it be the regular season or the playoffs, you will essentially look at the three best teams that you would consider betting in a parlay, where there are more than one team. Let’s take the LA Kings, Nashville Predators and the Boston Bruins. If you were to parlay these three teams together in a single bet, and when they play and if one were to lose, you would lose on the whole parlay. In a Round Robin betting situation this would allow you to make three, two-team parlays involving the three teams you have selected. And if you break it down it would be the LA Kings/Nashville and LA Kings/Bruins and then Boston and Nashville. If two of the three teams win you would make a nice little profit. If all three teams were to win, you would turn a bigger profit, but it would be smaller amount than a normal three-team parlay would pay. Now if only one of your team wins, you would lose all three bets. In Round Robin betting you can pick from any of the 3 to 8 teams you would like to bet on. You have a better chance of getting two of the three bets you placed in the round robin events.

NHL Round Robin Betting Strategies

The great thing about betting with a Round Robin bet is that it can save you time if you’re playing it correctly. It can be a big-time life saver but only if you are playing it correctly. Just make sure every game combination you bet is one that you have no problem betting if it were to be on its own. You can also find a combination that has plenty of value and a combination one that you would have lots of confidence and that is knowing the teams. As always with betting and even round robin style NHL bets, is to study the stats on your teams and do your research and that should give you some insight as to how to place your bets. The good thing with round robin betting is that it will ensure you some sort of payout if the majority of your teams win as opposed to a parlay. Keep in mind that Round Robin bets are a ton of fun, because you have a lot of action at once. And you can still win if one of your teams loses. You also have the ability to win money while betting on more than one game. Going with the Round Robin betting can certainly add some variety to your regular NHL betting strategies. But it’s good to mix it up with a betting strategy that is composed primarily of point spreads, money lines, and totals. Round Robins are simply a nice alternative to parlay betting and gives you more chances to win. Make sure you check out all the right sportsbooks, that have Round Robin betting options and see what suits your strategy.