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Staying on top of what’s going on in the NHL is important if you’re betting on your favorite hockey teams during the regular season and the postseason. When you come to Team NHL news you will find everything you need to to keep you up to speed on what’s going on, on the ice and off the ice.

As you know, the NHL is one of the leading professional sports leagues in North America and that means there’s lots of information to keep up with so you can stay educated on taking the right action week after week. Here you’ll find the complete list of NHL news and topics like who the hottest teams are, the latest stats on everything from players and leading teams in their divisions. You’ll also get team schedules, injuries, rumors, photos, who’s playing well and previews of each game before they even hit the ice. You'll even get the latest off ice information you need to stay relevant on what's happening behind the scenes.

There are thirty-one teams in the NHL and it’s a long season where anything can happen before the Stanley Cup playoffs. Whether it’s just a quick catch-up on your favorite NHL team or an in-depth analysis of teams to keep you eyes on a why, what the top picks are for the week, month and year, you’ll get all your ice hockey news here at TeamNHL.