NHL Promotions News

The NHL is a huge industry that is gaining more and more publicity and attention not just because of the action-packed sporting fun that is offered but also because of the huge amount of advertising that goes into the industry. The industry is a multimillion dollar one with many different fundraisers for the different top teams and in addition there are special offers and rewards for the loyal fans and visitors to the game. The promotions and give aways often called SWAG are one way of drawing in spectators and they definitely vary from game to game and event to event. There are some obvious promotions such as spending a certain amount of money on bets and receiving an extra cash chip or incentives for using specific payment options or banks for sending funds. Even getting a seat upgrade can be part of a promotion when buying one or more tickets to a game.

Bizarre and Fun Promotions

Some of the most bizarre promotions are given on the night of the game and these are more gimmicks and useless fan paraphernalia that are given out to lucky spectators. In some recent games, holiday blankets were given out to some spectators and when the sponsoring team one, all fans of that team were given free food to celebrate at the concession stands. One famous NHL team gave out superhero capes in adult and kid size and another team gave out a totally useless doll idol of one of the players. Each team chooses its SWAG and promotions in order to encourage its fans and wannabe fans to commit to the team, come and watch and place bets thus giving the team a boost and maybe even a higher rating in the polls.