NHL Bitcoin Betting

NHL hockey is becoming an increasingly more popular betting option at online bitcoin sportsbooks. The league has received more publicity with games being nationally televised on NBC and NBC Sports and this has led to increased demand for alternative methods of payment as the financial world changes. . Yearly traditions such as the Winter Classic on New Year's Day and the outdoor stadium series at historic football and baseball fields throughout the U.S have only fueled the NHL buzz. With the advent of NHL bitcoin betting, games are going to be even more fun to watch.

And its not just Bitcoin that is being accepted as a crypto currency for betting on NHL games. There are online sites that are also accepting Ethereum and Ripple for example - both of these currencies have seen a surge in their price of late and this means that your winnings could be even higher if their value appreciates. Online sportsbooks are offering more bitcoin options for NHL betting than ever before. It was hard to find an NHL bet online just a couple years ago but now players can select between live bets, props, futures, and even minor league games through some online bookmakers. There's no doubt that NHL betting with bitcoin has a long ways to go to match the popularity of the NFL and other major sports leagues but many gamblers like the relative "under-the-radar" option that professional hockey provides. You can find value lines without having the majority of the betting public jumping on them and moving them. Here are a few tips to do this:

Types of NHL Bitcoin Betting

Betting on the NHL with bitcoin should be very familiar to those who have experience betting on International soccer. Both sports are often low-scoring affairs decided by a single goal so many of the wagering strategies are similar. The types of NHL bitcoin wagers available include:

Moneyline Bets - NHL bettors need to take a close look at moneyline bets as these involve simply picking a winner of the game. If a team is heavily favoured, they'll present a better wager on paper but you'll also have to risk somewhere around $250 (-250) just to win $100. Finding an underdog that wins outright is where the real NHL bitcoin sports betting money can be made as a $100 bet might return you $275 (+275) or more. Since the NHL has done away with tie games, moneyline betting is more attractive than ever. Of course with Bitcoin the added attractiveness is there for the taking. Puck Line - You want to take your favourite team to win but you don't like the risk/reward of a +250 bet. If you're really confident in the team the puck line is your best option. Puck lines are either -1.5 or +1.5 goal wagers that determines a team either has to win or lose by two or more goals. Since so many NHL games are close matchups, the odds for a -1.5 puck line bet are in your favour, most often returning more than your original wager (+100 or greater). The +1.5 bets don't have good odds, but they are often winning wagers including automatically if a game goes into overtime (as 20% - 30% of games do). Totals - With NHL bitcoin bets involving totals you're placing your faith in each team's goaltenders. The total bet is determining whether the combined score of both teams will be "over" or "under" a set amount, usually 5 or 5.5. A matchup of two solid goaltenders generally leads to an "under" bet and vice versa if the players in net are struggling. Of course, oddsmakers know this as well and will either lower the totals or ramp up the odds against your favour. Point Spread - If you're really confident in a team you can take them at a -2.5 or even an unheard of -3.5 point, or puck spread. These bets have incredibly high payoffs often 5:1 or better. Conversely, if you are confident that a team will keep it close, but just aren't sure how close, a +2.5 bet can be had oftentimes at incredible odds such as -1100 and higher though. Parlays - A great thing about wagering on the NHL with bitcoin is that there are often a full slate of games available every night of the week. Puck lines, moneylines, and totals can all be parlayed together to increase your payback on the bet.

Grand Salami - When you want to have a vested interest in every game but without risking money on each contest, the grand salami is a very exciting option. The grand salami is a single number determined for the total goals scored in all the games of the night. You can bet that all the teams combined go "over" or "under" this total. Then, sit back and hope for a lot of highlights (or none at all). NHL bitcoin gambling also includes a lot of alternative wagering options. You can bet on the first period only, which team will score the first goal, a players total points, and many more. And add the other crypto currencies into the mix to create a menu of excitement and enjoyment.