Free Bets at Sportsbooks

A free bet usually means free play and is an important difference from a sign up deposit bonus. A Free Bet/Free Play is a bet where you win only the win amount. For example you may get a $25 Free Bet at some online sportsbooks. You can make your wager and then you will get the Win Amount on the wager. For example, if you wager $25 at +100 odds and you win you would get $25 back. It is a decent offer but Free Bets are usually offered by the newest online sportsbooks who wish to draw a lot of traffic. It is important when choosing an online sportsbook for your entertainment sportsbook dollars to choose a safe and secure online sportsbook that has good customer service. Most online sportsbook that offer Free Bets or Free Plays are newer sportsbooks. There is nothing wrong with the offer but these sportsbooks may not have a long established record.

Online Sportsbook Sign Up Bonuses

Online Sportsbook Bonuses offer a % bonus on your initial deposit that is a FREE Bet in that you do not have to pay it back as it is part of your Sign Up Bonus. The difference with a Sign Up Bonus is that you will get the Win Amount and Risk Amount of a bet when you wager. For example, if you wager $25 at +100 odds you would get $25 WIn Amount and your $25 Risk Amount back. You would need to Rollover the bonus several times before you are able to withdraw the bonus amount. The Rollover requirements for Sign Up Bonuses are different for most online sportsbooks. The online Free Bets or Free Sign Up Bonuses vary in size as most of the companies offer different size bonuses for Sportsbook, Poker, Casino and Racebook. Alll our recommended online sportsbooks offer a full suite of online gambling odds to meet your online betting needs. We have opened accounts at all these sportsbooks and personally wager and request withdrawals with them on a regular basis to assure quality control. Below we are also offering a Frequently Asked Questions Section that deals with the common issues found when using the free betting option on sportsbooks based on some of the best known companies.

Free Sportsbook Bets FAQ

How do I know if I've qualified for a free bet?

To see whether you currently have any free bets available - simply click on "My Bonuses" on the website page of any sportsbook - or by pressing on the cash balance display at the top of the Sportsbook mobile app, and then navigating to "My Bonuses" in the "My Account" list. This page will show you which free bets you've qualified for, details of what you can use your free bets on, and the expiry date. The page will also list free bets you've used and any that have expired.

How do I earn free bets?

Take part in a promotion (Double Odds Goal Scorer/Enhanced Price New Customer Offers) where you are given the opportunity to earn a free bet if you meet the terms of the promotion (minimum stakes may apply and vary by promotion) on the defined event or market. You will find details of qualifying events/markets and qualifying stakes via either on-site content, email, SMS or push notification. Are there any turnover requirements for free bets?

There are no turnover requirements for free bets, any bonus which has turnover requirements will be shown within the Sportsbook bonus section of My Account under the heading of 'Bonuses with Turnover Requirements'.

When will I receive a free bet? Once the event is settled and your qualification for a refund is confirmed you should receive your free bets within the timeframe stipulated in the terms of the promotion. In the case of free matched bets, once you place the qualifying bet, you will immediately (unless specified otherwise, in some cases free bets will be granted at a later date) and automatically be credited with a free (Fixed Odds) bet to use on a specified event, the free bet amount will vary depending on the promotion but will be detailed via either on-site content, email, SMS or push notification.

What products can I use my free bets on?

Each product (Sportsbook/Exchange/Casino/Poker etc.) has their own unique bonus balance. This balance can only be used within the given product and will be shown in the top right hand corner when on the tab for the relevant product. For example the 'Sports Bonus' will display only when on the Sportsbook tab.

How do I use my free bets? To use your free bets, add a selection to your betslip that meets the terms and conditions of the offer. Free bets can only be used on selections with odds of 1/5 (1.2) or greater. You can then select to use free bets by toggling on the 'use available bonus' slider in the betslip before placing your bet as you normally would in order to use the free bets on that bet. The free bets will always be used first before taking any remaining stake from your main balance. If your bet wins, your profit will be transferred into your main wallet. The original 'free bet' stake is not returned to you.