Hot Games

The NHL has lots of hot games going on all the time, whether it be the regular season games or during the exciting playoff games. You know when the top NHL hockey teams get together it’s going to be a battle royal during the regular season. When the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals or the New York Rangers are playing, these hot games are sure to entertain you and bring you lots of reasons to watch the whole game until the end, even into overtime. There will be lots of checking, shooting, scoring and penalties, all the game play that makes for an exciting season. The divisions for the NHL are as follows: There is the NHL Eastern Conference with such teams as Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Florida, Detroit and Buffalo. For the Metropolitan conference there is Washington, Pittsburgh, Columbus, NY Rangers, NY Islanders, Philadelphia, Carolina and New Jersey. All these teams have some really good players that make the games exciting with lots of checking, speed on the ice, big plays and fancy goals. Then there is the NHL Western Conference with such teams as Chicago, Minnesota, St Louis, Nashville, Winnipeg, Dallas and Colorado. The Pacific division includes the teams Anaheim, Edmonton, San Jose, Calgary, Los Angeles, Arizona and Vancouver. Some of the oldest franchises in NHL history still dominate the game like Chicago, NY Rangers and Boston, who have some really hot games that keep people on the edge of their seats and cheering. There are also some great players on all the teams and that can really attract lots of fans to games when they are playing out of town or on home ice.

The Hot Playoff Games

If you’re looking for some great hockey games to watch, then the playoffs will not disappoint you. The NHL teams that make it into the playoffs, look to play for the Stanley Cup and will have to play several best out of seven series to get there. The games get really hot when they go into overtime. That’s because when they go into overtime in the playoffs, they play until someone scores. In some cases they can go into several rounds of periods of overtime before someone scores. In the playoffs even the top teams you’d expect to go all the way will get defeated in the first round. And the teams you think will get knocked out early, will go all the way to the finals. It’s totally unpredictable and it all depends which team is the hottest during the playoffs, not who is the hottest team in their divisions during the regular season. It all depends which players will turn it up and become the stars and trophy winners of the playoffs. Make sure you keep coming back to Team NHL to see which teams, players and playoff series is creating the most excitement and has best chances to win. The NHL season is long and worth staying up with all the stats, games, players, teams and hot games that are going on everyday.