LowVig Sportsbook

LowVig seems to be all the rage in the sports betting world at the moment with its product in high demand. It offers an innovative betting procedure which is described as low juice and which is explained below. It certainly offers considerable advantages for players who wish to try their luck at this great website. The company has been in operation for almost seven years so it has considerable experience although there are some areas such as bonuses where it could do with some improvement.

If you are new to the online sports betting game, you may hear a term called "low juice" and wonder, just what does that mean for me? But if you talk to the more experienced players, they can tell you that low juice is a huge weapon for players that take the game seriously and now there is a sportsbook that is right up the alley of those types of bettors. LowVig Sportsbook fits the needs of players that love the low juice and once you play there, you will understand why it is such a big deal.

First, let's start with an explanation of low juice and really, it is quite simple. If you play a lot, it will save you in the long run as you don't have to bet as much to make a profit. For example, most lines are rated at -110, which means you have to bet $110 to win $100. However, you can find the occasional -105 lines, which means you have to bet $105 to win $100 and that means you will absolutely end up saving money if you are an avid player. This is why it is such a big deal in the betting market with the experienced players.

At LowVig Sportsbook, you will find these -105 lines and more from this young company which has been in business since 2011, but is quickly rising up the ranks because of the low lines they offer to their players. With a minimum of deposit of $50, you can get in on the action immediately, but that isn't all you can get at LowVig. You can find dimelines for the NBA right now, as well as 7% rebates on thoroughbred horse racing and a slew of other deals you can use.

But there is more! You will find betting articles for tips on what you should be betting on with these low lines, as well as games like gin rummy and dominoes if you need a break from sports betting. You also have the option to play these types of games for free as well as for money, so the pressure isn't on and you can get a feel for the game. If you have a credit card in your name, you can use that to begin the banking process, which is quick and painless and is one less thing you have to worry about, especially if you are trying to wrap your head around the concept of low juice.

The idea of low juice seems really daunting at the start, but it is actually quite simple and it benefits you a lot in the long run. Why bet $110 when you can bet $105 and earn the same amount of profit? That is the idea behind LowVig Sportsbook, a name you will be hearing a lot more often in the world of online sports betting. Head over to LowVig.ag right now and see why this sportsbook will be a leader in the industry sooner rather than later. Lowvig.ag is the ultimate in reduced juice, low vig online sportsbooks. There are not many of these kind of books around today and they offer a different kind of sportsbook to what you may be used to. Low Vig will simply give you better odds, it's as simple as that. This means more profit on every win and better value wagering. You're probably used to seeing lines of -110 right? At Low Vig you will be offered lines at -105 on all major US sports, whilst this may not seem a lot, it makes a huge difference when placing bets over the course of a month, or a year. It boosts your winnings massively offering the best value you will find in any US sportsbook. Low Vig can afford to offer these lines as they save money elsewhere. You will not see huge promotions and big bonuses at Low Vig, you will not see huge marketing campaigns and high costs in getting players through the door as they know that those who make their wagers at Low Vig are going to stay there for a long time.

You'll find every major US sport and more all covered at Low Vig. If there is a line to be put up, they will have it. The popular NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS are all available as are European and worldwide soccer leagues, College hoops and football, Martial Arts, Golf, Hockey, Rugby and Tennis, they are all to be found at Low Vig. What's more is that they are all presented on a safe and secure solid wagering platform that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

If there is a big game going on you can count on the fact that you will be able to use the Live Betting option at Low Vig. There's nothing quite like being able to up your profits or cut your losses by wagering in play. It brings a whole new dimension to the game and offers you some great entertainment too. Live betting is a massively growing area in US sports betting and wagering fans love this high octane way to wager. It brings the game to life and really does get you so much more involved in what's going on.

As well as fantastic lines on the sports you love to wager on Low Vig also offers a state of the art online casino and a great online poker room, meaning that if you ever need a break from the game you don't have to go very far. It's a shared wallet meaning you don't have to make another deposit to either play a little poker or go up against the house. Low Vig really does cover all bases but it will become known for its amazing reduced juice lines, it's a sports bettors dream and the other products, as much as they offer great entertainment are set aside from the serious business of taking advantage of these -105 lines.