There are no two other teams in the NHL that have a bigger rivalry than the Chicago Black Hawks and the Vancouver Canucks. And not only that, but their history goes a long way back where these two teams have decided the fate of their season is some spectacular playoff games like back in 2011 when the Vancouver Canucks beat the Hawks back in game seven in overtime to advance and eventually go to the Stanley Cup finals. Recently, the two teams have focused on rebuilding for this season and by the looks of it, things are coming around nicely and could both be contenders for the post-season. Get ready as these two teams will be meeting this Wednesday on Halloween night so expect a scary good game to see who will be filling the nets with lots of treats for the scoreboards. You can watch the game at 10 pm ET on the NHL Network. This will be the game you might want to leave the candy bowl at the door while you enjoy some great rivalry hockey that's sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

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Both teams have had a strong start to the season and with the Hawks just one point to the top of the Central Division. The Canucks are also picking up steam and have won some real thrillers to put them just two points down from leading the Pacific Division. And since it's still early in the season, both team could be real dangerous when it comes to scrapping for each and every point. It's known in the league that Vancouver has a young team and even with lots of injuries they still seem to pull of much needed wins, proving they have the gusto to do amazing things even when they aren't healthy. The BlackHawks still have some of the best players in the league like Patrick Kane, Johnathan Towes and Brent Seabrook who are still solid on the ice. They have kept the team consistently winning over the years and will be looking to beat their old rival to prove they still have what it takes. Will the younger Canucks team be able to show them that there's a new sheriff in town and look out for the new rebuilt team that has something to prove to the Hawks, fans and the rest of the NHL? Keep your eyes tuned to the NHL Network, it's going to be thriller this Wednesday, on Halloween night!