PowerBet Sportsbook

Perhaps the most important feature of a sportsbook is its functionality. With PowerBet.io has one of the sleekest and easiest to use betting platforms in the bitcoin sportsbook world as of right now. Despite their young age, the site operates like a seasoned veteran. What’s more, its all-inclusive sports offering makes it a true power house in the industry. Powerbet is the ideal place to start off your hopefully successful betting career.

A wide variety of bonuses upon deposit as well as for seasoned players for Powerbet

As is the case with any competent, growing sportsbook, PowerBet does well to welcome new players nicely. It isn’t just new players that PowerBet concerns itself with as there are a number of different ways by which you can increase your bankroll without doing anything special. It is unclear whether they will start offering other bonuses for more popular sporting events, but in most cases sportsbooks like these tend to roll out special incentives when these types of events are announced.

First and foremost, there is an attractive 100% deposit bonus given to people who have just created an account and have just executed their first deposit. Beyond that, there are bonuses for those who are bold enough to make bets other than just single game wagers. An example of this is their additional 50% bonus for parlay bet wins that consist of at least 4 teams!

If you’re looking for just the standard bonus, though, they definitely do not disappoint. In fact, new players can claim a 100% bonus up to mBTC 200 once they make their first deposit. It may not be one of the largest bonuses in the sportsbook world, but it’s certainly one of the easier ones to clear. The rollover is a modest 10x the bonus amount, with bets needing to have odds of at least 1.70 to qualify for the bonus to start clearing! Your bonus will be triggered on any sport you want, including in-play wagers. As long as that odds are higher than 1.70 you will be good to go as far as your bonus monies are concerned. You can also track the bonus via your account dashboard on the top right of the PowerBet.io homepage. Simply place a parlay wager with anywhere from 4 or more selections and you will be credited with a potential 50% bonus if the parlay hits. Below are how the bonuses are paid out relative to the parlay selection:

  • 4 or 5 selections: 5% winning bonus
  • 6 or 7 selections: 10% winning bonus
  • 8 selections: 15% winning bonus
  • 9 selections: 20% winning bonus
  • 10 selections: 25% winning bonus
  • 11 selections: 30% winning bonus
  • 12 selections: 35% winning bonus
  • 13 selections: 40% winning bonus
  • 14 selections: 45% winning bonus
  • 15+ selections: 50% winning bonus

A seamless deposit process allows continuous play

Being that this is a Bitcoin sportsbook, it goes without saying that the only approved methods of deposit and withdrawal are via Bitcoin. With regard to making a deposit, this can be done in a matter of seconds. There are no fees tied to depositing funds and the deposited funds will become available instantaneously.

If you are attempting to withdraw funds, the story is more or less the same. There are no limits with regard to how much or how often you can withdraw during a given timeframe and most withdrawals will show up in your bitcoin wallet in a matter of seconds. There are no fees attached, so things are about as easy as they possibly can be.

A vast array of sports disciplines covered at PowerBet

Something we really loved about PowerBet is the fact that they wasted no time when it comes to offering a wide selection of sports upon which you can wager. All too often we see new sportsbooks get their toes wet by just offering betting markets on the most popular sports and the most popular events within those sports. While PowerBet definitely boasts plenty of options for popular sports like basketball, baseball, NFL, NHL and soccer, they do well to cover some of the lesser-known sports and leagues as well.

Their offering of soccer betting, for example, covers major leagues such as those from England and Spain, but does not neglect smaller leagues from countries like Belgium and Poland. What’s more, their coverage is worldwide and not solely Euro-centric. Obscure sports such as futsal, handball, bandy, and cricket are also featured. With sports that may not be considered mainstream, PowerBet tends to only offer propositions for the more high-profile events. This is not atypical of a sportsbook as you would be hard-pressed to find any book that offers daily wagers on bandy or sports of similar renown.

What we love more than anything else about PowerBet sports coverage is the fact that there is an absolute plethora of live betting options. While most other sites are content to offer live betting only on those events that catch a worldwide audience, PowerBet does well to offer live betting markets on most every sporting event. On a daily basis, there are hundreds upon hundreds of live bets that are able to be made.

Terrific compatibility for mobile allows for a seamless betting experience

What’s great about PowerBet’s mobile offering is that it is identical to what you will find online. In the past, sportsbooks’ mobile-facing application/site often differed entirely from what you would see on their desktop site. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common that mobile sportsbooks match their desktop counterpart. That is exactly what you get when it comes to PowerBet’s mobile site.

Every betting option that exists on the tradition site will also be present on your mobile device. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what type of mobile device you are on, PowerBet is available. Whether it is a smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android, placing wagers on the go has never been easier. As far as the functionality of PowerBet’s mobile offering is concerned, you also have nothing to worry about. Even the live betting function will work seamlessly, flawlessly, and allow you to place any wager you desire as quickly and easily as you would prefer. The site works equally well whether you have your tablet/smartphone in a vertical or horizontal position. This may not seem like a big deal, but some sites don’t have the capability to handle both – or they look absolutely horrible and sloppy when you try to view the site in a certain way.

Finally, it must be mentioned that PowerBet does not exist as a downloadable application. Instead, you will navigate to their sportsbook via the web browser that is built into the device you are using. So long as you are able to access the internet, you will be able to place wagers at PowerBet.io’s mobile site. Enjoy!