Xbet Sportsbook

As we’ve already indicated in these reviews, there are a host of sports books out there and to wade through them requires some finesse and flair. XBet.ag is one of the newer sportsbooks, but it has its perks and advantages, like great performance on mobile devices and competitive bonuses. Conversely it does have some disadvantages which include the annoying fact that there are several broken links on the site.

What type of investor are you? Do you spend every cent that you make, or do you save? How do you put away your cash, in stocks, low yield savings accounts, buried in the backyard? Is your niche Fortune 500 companies, or penny stocks? When you choose a sportsbook, some of the same thinking has to come into play. Are you looking for a reliable and dependable product that offers small incentives but is more consistent than anything else, or do you want to try a new site that has big upside potential, but isn’t a polished product yet?

If you are willing to grow with a sportsbook, enjoy a big reward, smile, and bonus while signing up, and are prepared for small frustrations from time to time as they grow, Xbet.ag is a site to take note of – at least according to us. It does seem that Xbet has great potential however. The site looks good and works particularly well on mobile devices. Their head is in the right place with an emphasis on easy signup and payout, and a stated goal to be reliable and reputable. They are safe, and the incentives to give them a try are significant. However, there are bumps along the way with a new company, just like betting on Facebook was different than an investment in General Electric.

A $1000 bonus if you bet 1k in your first month as a customer is a great promotion. The rollover, 10x or 15x depending on what small print you read is not unreasonable based on a large amount of the incentive. For smaller players, there is nothing wrong with a 100% bonus up to $300 that is almost immediately available and comes with far fewer if, ands or buts. These are both excellent values, and a real selling point to try out a young site. One of the best aspects of Xbet is how straightforward the signup process is. They have a chart that is easy to follow that indicates the minimum and maximum deposits for an extensive list of ways to fund your account. All of the conventional methods, credit card, wire transfer, bitcoin, and person-to-person are available. It is clear from the start what if any forms you might need to fill out upon signup, and none of them take a great deal of time or effort.

Investing in big companies usually keeps things relatively stress free. You avoid major slides at the expense of rarely enjoying huge gains. Xbet is young, and there are some big positives with the sportsbook. The site looks very nice and is user-friendly. They have a wide array of sports available. The odds are competitive. Live play does not penalize bettors with huge jumps in juice. However, there is a serious issue with consistency.

At big established sportsbooks, you rarely get incredible incentives or considerable breaks in the line. They offer what they offer, it is consistent and reliable, but your individual business does not make or break them. At Xbet, when things work well, they are competitive with any sight on the web. However, few sportsbooks reviewed have had as much ambiguity and broken links as their sight. While they explain deposits really well, on some specific promotions it is hard to find out what the rollover is, the racebook rules are not spelled out in great detail, and most frustratingly, there are times that lines just cannot be found. There are instances you go to bet an NHL game, and the whole sports nightly menu just isn’t available.

Additionally, they are slow to put up lines. Again, it is important to mention that this happens rarely, but it is also worth mentioning that it does occur. As for value-added features, Xbet has a fairly large casino and a very ample racebook. They do not have poker or live dealer card games, but for someone who is primarily playing sports, these operations do the trick. Some of the maximum racebook bets are rather low, but it is easy to use and provides the infrastructure a casual player will want.

When it comes to payouts, one of the things Xbet emphasizes is they are fast. It appears in most instances that is true. However, more transparency would be appreciated. They have lots of useful payout methods, and delivery options, but it is unclear what they are, and how much they cost. One phone call or email will yield your answers, but why not just put up the policy for everyone to see?

Our experience with customer service at Xbet is solid. However, they haven’t gone all in on the various ways to reach them. The phone is the most straightforward and most reliable, and the note/email format works well. However, their social media presence is weak, and response rates using those platforms very weak. There at very least ought to be a very visible and easy to use chat function that can answer quick questions efficiently. In the end, whether you open an account at Xbet depends on what you are looking for. If you want to get in on the ground floor and grow with something that is showing great potential, awesome. If you’re going to use it as a secondary site that complements your primary account and you can take advantage of their more significant bonus, which works too. If you prefer to wait and see how things evolve, that is reasonable. Getting in early on Google and Uber were good ideas. Xbet may be the next big thing in sportsbooks, but they are working out some issues too.


Deposit Bonus: 100% sign-up bonus up to $300 Payout Speed: 48 hours Minimum Deposit: $45


Works well on mobile. Easy sign-up and payout procedures.


More broken links than other books.