Betus Sportsbook is a privately held online gaming company offering sports betting, casino games, and horse racing. As of June 2015, BetUS is a C- rated sportsbook at

BetUS operates which is a mobile platform of the site. On the mobile site, players can submit sportsbook wagers as well as access the BetUS mobile casino. Live wagering is another service offered by the bookmaker, which allows players to bet on a sporting event as it occurs.

If you're looking for a change of pace from your sports bets, take some time to check out the online casino at BetUS.

Enter the world of BetUS Sportsbook

BetUS offers live action wagers in their sportsbook. A nice touch from BetUS makes it very easy to find all in-play action so that you can quickly get to the action if you're looking to bet on live sports.

BetUS offers downloadable rotation schedules and trend reports to their clients. These downloads are quite handy, and they serve as a great way to make sure that you don't miss any action throughout the week. As well, these reports offer some great trends such as the team's recent performance over the last four weeks.

Sorting on the BetUS sportsbook is very easy thanks to their easy sorting options. At BetUS, you're able to sort by sport using the main left-hand sportsbook menu. Once you select a sport, you can then drill down into leagues and teams until you find your perfect wager.

Sports You Can Bet On

If you're looking to wager on sports, BetUS has a great sportsbook that you should check out. There, you'll find 20 different sports that you can wager on. These are American Football, Baseball, tennis, Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Rugby, UFC & MMA, NASCAR, Cricket, Entertainment eSports, Fantasy Sports, Horse Racing, Motor Sports, Politics, Olympics, and Cycling.

One can happily note that BetUS is offering eSports wagers. This is really positive as eSports is quickly becoming one of the hottest sports out there in the sportsbook world. Currently, BetUS only offers wagers on one eSports game, League of Legends.

Like most other online sportsbooks, BetUS only showcases sports that have active wagers available on them at that time. If one of your preferred sports is not listed below, make sure to check back on the BetUS site once that sport's season begins to see if they offer action on that sport.

One of the first things a newcomer is sure to notice about the user interface on the BetUS sportsbook is that they offer clients the ability to change how their odds are displayed which are super easy to locate and change. On BetUS, you're able to view your odds in either decimal, fractional, or American style. If you'd like to change how your odds are displayed on the BetUS sportsbook, simply look for the drop-down menu towards the top centre of any sportsbook page.

If you are looking to bet on live action, BetUS offers you two different ways to locate those wagers. First, you can click on the "Live" link at the top of the main left-hand sports menu in the sportsbook. Your other option is to click on "Live Betting" across the top of any BetUS page. Both of those links will take you to the same landing page for all things relating to in-play action. Once on their live-action landing page, BetUS will show you all of your current in-play wagers broken out by sport available at that time.

Another nice touch in the BetUS sportsbook is that they made it easy to see upcoming live events. Using this tool, it's easy to plan out future live wagers that you'd like to place in the near future. To find the list of upcoming live events on BetUS, simply head over to the live betting homepage as we described in the previous paragraph.

Promotions and Bonuses

BetUS offers quite a long list of bonuses and promotions. Through these promotions, you'll have the ability to earn lots of bonus cash. Like most other online sportsbooks and casinos, BetUS uses these bonuses and promotions as a way to help bring in new clients and also to help retain current clients.

These are Monday Morning Quarterback Crossover Promotion, Trifecta Thursdays Crossover Promotion, Refer a Friend Bonus, Second Chance Sundays Crossover Promotion, 3 Card Poker Straight Flush Mondays Promotion, Juicy Tuesdays Crossover Promotion, Holy Craps Wednesdays Promotion, Video Poker Thursdays Promotion, Super Slots Fridays Promotion, Wide Open Saturdays Promotion, On the Go Blackjack Sundays Promotion, BJ Mondays Promotion, Six Card Charlie Tuesdays Promotion, Tuxedo Blackjack Promotion, Blackjack Happy Hour Promotion, Seven Heaven Fridays Promotion, Site Sign-Up Bonus, Site Reload Bonus, Site Loyalty Bonus, and 10% Gambler's Insurance.

As one can readily see, the vast majority of the list is casino related, heavily upstaging the Sportsbook bonuses. That being said, the current selection of bonuses and promotions still offers clients lots of opportunities to score some free cash.

Support, Banking & Security

Deposit Options

When you're ready to get started wagering at BetUS, you'll need to make an initial deposit on their site. In total, you'll find a selection of four different deposit banking options that you can use, such as by Credit Card with a minimum deposit amount of $50 to a maximum deposit amount of $2,499, Bitcoin with a minimum deposit amount of $50 to a maximum deposit amount of $5,000, Skrill with a minimum deposit amount of $50 to a maximum deposit amount of $2,499, and by Bank Transfer (call BetUS customer service for details)

Withdrawal Options

Unfortunately, BetUS did not clearly spell out what withdrawal banking options were available to clients, and is sorely missing. One would suppose that their withdrawal banking options most likely mirror their deposit banking options, but this needs to be confirmed.

Pros & Cons


Very generous bonuses


Too many distracting advertisements for a Sportsbook, that are normally reminiscent of online casinos.